100% Natural & Organic Exclusive Seven Regenerating Serum for Hair (Argan+Mandarin+Inca Omega+Monoï

A magic collection of 7 unique, exotic and aromatic oils. Natural treatment that revitalizes, moisturizes and protects hair. Rich in essential fatty acids used to make your hair smoother and manageable. Its natural antioxidants protect your hair from the root to the tips, revitalising its cuticle and cell membrane. Highly straightening power makes it unique. It neutralises static electricity, reaching a lasting smooth and manageable hair. Monoï from Tahiti wraps around capillary fibres, reproducing the natural hair layer and providing a high hydration and softness. Treatment based on natural oils. Leaves hair silky, light and easy to handle. The hair regains vitality, hydration and smoothness. Smoothing visible from the first application. Aid to the disappearance of split ends. Easy drying. Our 100% natural Argan product line also includes: “Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Repair Shampoo & Conditioner”, “Authentic Nourishing Argan BIO Hair Mask”, “Authentic Moroccan Argan Skin Nourishing Shower Gel – 100% Natural & Organic”,”Moroccan Virgin Argan Oil For Face, Body, Hair & Nails: The Moroccan Liquid Gold” , “100% Natural & Organic Exclusive Seven Regenerating Serum for Hair (Argan+Mandarin+Inca Omega+Monoï de Tahití+Bergamot+Cedar)”, “Moroccan Argan & Honey Nourishing Exfoliator & Cleanser”, “Moroccan Argan Oil Nutritive Regenerator Moisturising Cream”, “Moroccan Argan & Honey Nutritive Moisturising Cream for BODY”, “Argan & Diamond Lip Gloss”. Please click on “Natural Skincare & Spa” (above) to view the complete list of 100% natural & Organic product offerings.


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