2.5 Litre Electric Instant Kettle (Energy Saver)

2.5 Litre Electric Instant Kettle (Energy Saver)

The CraftPrice Instant Electric Kettle is an evolutionary must-have appliance for every home. It is safe to use, with easy operations and dispenses boiling water within 5 to 8 seconds.

It will dispense up to 500ml of boiling water in a minute. Unlike some other popular makes, this instant kettle has a variable pour knob, which allows you to pour as much or as little hot water as you need.

This powerful appliance is rated 2500-3000 Watt and is the equivalent rating of a speed kettle, but with the added bonus of dispensing EXACTLY the quantity of hot water you want. This means you spend less time waiting for a kettle to boil and also, just as importantly less money on electricity boiling a full kettle to get a cuppa.

For larger families we would recommend you look at the CraftPrice Electric Thermo Pot kettle, also available on Amazon, but for smaller families or singles, this is the ideal kettle for your home or office.

Its attractive looks mean it will look good in any kitchen and its on-demand, time and money saving style of providing you with hot water makes a conventional electric kettle totally unnecessary.

Its spring release lid is a stylish touch to this instant kettle and with a green LED on the top of the appliance and a green LED illuminating the pouring spout and cup, you know the kettle is working just fine. The top LED will glow RED if there is no water in the kettle to alert you to the problem.

Re-fill with clean water and everything is Green for Go again.

Style, great looks, a simple money saving formula, on-demand boiling water and ease of use make this one of the most attractive kitchen buys this year.

It makes a great replacement for an ageing or inefficient kettle and is also an ideal wedding gift to start a couple out in a conservation and money saving way. We think you will love it

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