Amigo Hot Smoker Barbecue Set

Amigo Hot Smoker Barbecue Set

If you love to barbecue, then you’ll love hot smoking with this smoker bbq, selection of aromatic wood chips, smoker box and recipe ideas.

This hot smoker pack is a fabulous new twist on traditional barbecues and perfect for the foodie outdoor cook.

We have teamed a ProQ amigo hot smoker with a selection of hardwood and fruitwood wood smoking chips and a stainless steel smoker box so you can create a range of delicious hot smoked meats, fish and vegetables. The smoker uses charcoal as its heat source to both cook foods and to create aromatic wood smoke flavours.

Wood chips are placed in the smoker box onto the white hot coals where the chips gently smoulder and circulate along with the steam from a water pan within the domed design of the smoker. The pack is supplied with a step-by -tep guide to setting up your smoker, hot smoking recipe ideas, plus tips and techniques to get the most out of your smoker.

The ProQ amigo smoker has two smoking compartments each with a 43cm diameter chrome plated grill rack, two metal bowls; one for charcoal, the other for water and a domed lid with an air vent.

A water pan which is filled with warm water and to which you can add your own tipple of wine, cider or beer and fresh herbs, sits above the charcoal heat source and adds steam to the cooking process ensuring succulent results every time.

Our hot smoking recipe ideas include hot smoked sausages, oak smoked salmon, pulled pork and hot smoked cherry tomatoes. Use these as a launch pad for your own hot smoking adventures.

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