AMOS USB Turntable 3 Speed Vinyl Record LP Player Recorder Vinyl to MP3

AMOS USB Turntable 3 Speed Vinyl Record LP Player Recorder Vinyl to MP3

Have you got shelves full of vinyl records that just gather more dust every day? Are you looking for a way to move your favourite music from vinyl to your phone or computer? Some classic records just can’t go in the bin. Save your vinyl music with this great USB Turntable with speakers.

With this USB Turntable With Speakers, you can convert your old vinyl record collection into MP3 files. Thanks to the USB plug and play connectivity and the easy to use included software, converting your favourite music into MP3s will be loads of fun!

It offers you three speeds: 33, 45 and 78 to cope with all the various speeds of vinyl records and it comes with a 45 rpm adapter to allow you to play all of your records. To protect your precious records, the cueing lever is damped and has an operating lever to manually rise and lower the tone arm. The large volume dial has an integrated power switch.

The included AUDACITY PC or MAC software is easy to install and use, giving you lots of options: after recording a file you can edit its length of the recordings, you can add various sound effects, adjust the volume and save your music into MP3 or WAV format. Exporting the music files from your computer to your phone or MP3 player, is as easy as drop and drag.

If you just want to listen to the music as it actually sounded, the turntable is equipped with two stereo speakers and can play your records by itself. For your convenience you can also plug the turntable into your stereo system, with dual a RCA cable which will further increase your music experience.

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