ARC-2 Ultra-High Single-Output HID

ARC-2 Ultra-High Single-Output HID

The SureFire ARC-2 handheld spotlight/searchlight uses an ultra-high-output HID (high-intensity discharge) lamp and a deep, mirror-finish reflector that create a 4,500-lumen, 890,000 candela beam with a maximum effective reach in excess of 2,000 meters, yet provides a wide cone of peripheral light for situational awareness and enhanced patrol or search efficacy, making it perfect for military, law enforcement, border patrol, search-and-rescue, maritime, and other spotlight/searchlight applications. The filament-free HID lamp, virtually immune to failure from recoil, vibration, or impact, will last for thousands of hours. 

The ARC-2 can be powered in three different ways: 

  • Integral lithium-ion rechargeable battery handle that can power the ARC-2 for 80 minutes; an optional 120-minute version is available that adds only 3 inches to the ARC-2’s overall length. A 90% discharged ARC-2 battery handle can typically be brought up to 80% capacity in about 90 minutes. A 5-level LED indicator lets you instantly see the battery charge level; an LED flashes when 10% or less power remains. The ARC-2’s light output remains constant until the battery is discharged; there is no gradual output decrease as battery charge decreases.


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