Contrary to popular belief, the head is a crucial part of any good beer. But far too often we find ourselves sipping on bubbly abominations topped off with woefully inferior froth. Thankfully the Beer Foamer is here to revolutionise the whole beer-drinking experience and give your pint the delicious creamy crown it deserves. 

Just pour a fraction of your beer into the base container and carefully empty the rest into your drinking glass. Next, place the beautiful brewery-style chamber on top and press the button to start the internal whisk. Within no time a dense, rich and velvety foam will begin to develop. All that remains is to remove the whisk and gently pour it on top of your beer. 

Not only does it look better than your everyday foam, it possesses abeautifully smooth texture and it’s packed full of flavours and aromasthat are released as the bubbles burst. It’s a proper beer-drinking experience; tasting just like it’s been freshly poured from the tap – the perfect pint.

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