BLAZE – Bike Laserlight

BLAZE – Bike Laserlight

The world’s first laserlight

We have reimagined the bicycle light. Besides being a kickass front light, the Laserlight has a unique safety feature. Its green laser projects the image of a bike 5-6 metres onto the road ahead. This alerts vehicles of the unseen cyclists and prevents drivers from turning across their path.

The classic blind spot scenario is the greatest danger to cyclists.79% of cycle accidents occur when the bicycle is travelling straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them. The Laserlight gives you a bigger footprint on the road. It alerts drivers ahead of your presence and prevents them from turning across your path.

All you would want from a bicycle light

We wanted our Laserlight to be the ultimate bicycle light by design and performance. Rechargeable, USB compatible and 100% waterproof.

We are particularly fond of the control panel’s functional and elegant design. The magnetic charging pins allow for a completely sealed casing and quick connectivity. Coloured back-lights around the pins display the battery level. And it’s easy to use the large flush buttons even wearing the thickest winter gloves!

Intelligence Built In

An internal magnetic switch keeps the laser safely turned off when out of its bracket, preventing accidental activation. Don’t worry though, you could still use your light as a LED torch!

The Li-ion battery lasts forever (well, 13 hours in our recommended mode, to be precise), but once it starts getting low, the Laserlight will alert you. Then, once nearly discharged, it will switch to energy saving mode – giving four hours of additional run time to get you home safely.

The Laserlight even knows when it’s in extreme conditions – too hot and a red indicator will flash; too cold and a blue indicator will flash.

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