Everyone needs a hobby, a little something on the side to break up the mundane nine to five. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a high school chemistry teacher experiencing the biggest mid-life crisis imaginable or a deadbeat student with nothing but time on your hands; we all need a side-project.

Cooked up under strictly controlled conditions, Blue Sky Candy is authentic looking peppermint rock candy inspired by the hit seriesBreaking Bad. Sure, some could say we’re stepping on the toes of the competition, encroaching on turf that doesn’t yet belong to us but that’s because we’ve got the product to back it up.

Coming in at 99.1% chemically pure, we’re manufacturing some serious weight, allowing us to offer these 4.5oz bags at street value. Distributed using trusted yet completely secretive methods, we bring our product directly to you, hassle free. So break off a chunk and enjoy some quality crystal menth… just don’t tell the narcos.

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