Bose SoundTouch Wi-Fi Music System

Bose SoundTouch Wi-Fi Music System

Room-filling sound. Wireless streaming.

Why is the SoundTouch 20 music system different? Press a single button, and you’re immediately listening to your latest iTunes playlist, a podcast or your favourite Internet radio station. Normally, you need to click, tap and scroll to access your favourite music. Now, it’s all available by pressing one button – just as if you have your favourite music on speed dial. There’s no smartphone, tablet or computer required. Plus, you’ll bring your music to life in rich, full-range, room-filling sound.

Unbelievable sound

We know it’s compact. Why would you want big and bulky? The SoundTouch 20 system delivers the kind of sound you might only expect from a much bigger system. Instruments and vocals in the mid and high frequencies are surprisingly clear and clean due to custom-designed transducers, while Bose’s own digital signal processing produces perfectly balanced sound. The advanced ported enclosure ensures the sound can easily fill a room. Whether you turn it up loud or play it softly before bed, it could be difficult to find another Wi-Fi speaker this size that compares.

A world of streaming music
So much more than just another speaker

Each SoundTouch Wi-Fi system creates a dynamic central hub for all of your streaming music. The built-in Wi-Fi works with your home network with no added equipment. Download the free SoundTouch app to guide you through the system set up on your laptop or computer, and you’ll be enjoying your music in minutes. SoundTouch systems are designed to take advantage of the expanding world of streaming music. Bose will add more of the world’s most popular music services, like Deezer and iHeartRadio, in the second half of 2014. If you have an Apple device and want to listen to Deezer or another music service before then, AirPlay is recommended and is built into this SoundTouch system.

One touch to play your music

With every mood, you know just which music you want to hear. That’s why Bose built six presets into the SoundTouch Wi-Fi systems that are simple to set or change to your favourite Internet radio or music playlists. Whether you manage your presets directly on your SoundTouch or via the free app, it really is that simple to play your music at the touch of a single button. This approach makes streaming music as simple as flicking a light switch – only much more enjoyable.

Full control with the free SoundTouch app

For complete control and access to the music on your system, use the free SoundTouch app. Just drag and drop your favourite music sources – your newest playlist or favourite Internet radio – to the six presets, and you’re ready to go with one-touch access. Discover the world of music beyond your presets using the app on your tablet, smartphone or computer, and you can browse to your heart’s content. The SoundTouch system is simple to add on to, so you can place multiple systems throughout your home, and then use the app to play different music in every room or the same music throughout.

Created for audio in every room

Wouldn’t it be great if the music you love would just flow through your home? That’s why Bose created a SoundTouch system that works for every room, from home cinema sound to small, portable speakers. Start with one, and add on wherever and whenever you like. All of your SoundTouch systems will work together to create a listening experience in every room – and even outside.


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