The name Makaira has its origins in the Greek word for sword and it is no surprise, therefore, that it is also the genus for several types of Marlin, including the Atlantic Blue, Black and Indo-Pacific Blue. It is also no surprise either, therefore, that CWs newest dive watch takes the name of some of the strongest, fastest fish in the oceans as the C11 Makaira Pro 500 is a very, very special watch.

From the superbly constructed satin brushed case to the precise and reliable Sellita automatic movement it protects, to the beautifully engineered internal countdown bezel, the Makaira simply exudes the sort of quality a professional diver would expect from a timepiece on which his life could depend.

Most of us will never put the 735 pounds of force per square inch capability of the Makaira to the test – but the fact that it is capable of resisting such pressure should we find ourselves 500 metres below the surface (heaven forbid) provides a certain reassurance if you forget to remove your watch in the shower!

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