CA7CH Lightbox

CA7CH Lightbox

Designed for smart phones, Lightbox lets you snap pictures & stream video: sharing the world through your eyes – live & hands-free.

Why We Are Doing This

What began as a simple conversation about building a camera fit for our times sparked a curiosity among three friends to re-imagine how we capture and share our daily experiences. We created CA7CH to make the experience of “catching” and sharing life’s moments easy, spontaneous and fun. After a year of hard work, Lightbox was born, a camera that would allow people to see life in a new way.

Small. Simple. Beautiful: Meet Lightbox

The world’s smallest live-streaming wearable camera at only 1.5 inches on each side with a sleek and shiny top-quality aluminum body. Lightbox works with your smartphone to change the way we communicate, share, and experience life. Packing ‘pro’ HD features, this small yet powerful waterproof camera operates instantaneously, putting you a step ahead in capturing your life through photography and video.

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