Meeting up with friends in the evening or heading to the shops at the weekend, with the Canyon Urban bikes you’re guaranteed to arrive in style. Whatever the destination, we think there is no scenario where these bikes are out of place. Their minimalist design and lightweight components will ensure you cut a fine figure when cruising through town. An array of technical features are hidden behind the stripped-down looks.

Full internal cable routing and seamless welds provide an uninterrupted appearance while the frame is compatible with Supernova lighting and includes theft protection at the seat clamp. If pure functionality is what you live by, then Canyon’s Performance Urban bikes are the right choice. With hydraulic disc braces for reliable braking and VCLS seatposts for added comfort, you’ll reach where you’re going with ease and speed.

Currently, there are five bikes in the Urban line-up, with prices ranging from USD 769 all the way up to USD 1,639 for the Urban 7.0.

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