• Time at the click of your fingers
  • Shows the temperature, date and time
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • No wires so you can put it anywhere you please

When you wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes you want to see the time and other times you really don’t. Sometimes it’s gloriously rewarding to know that you still have 8 hours until you need to be up. Other times you’ve been hit with a relentless bout of insomnia and you lie there staring, bloodshot-eyed, as the clock painfully ticks away, mocking your mental anguish.

We’re all slaves to time, but now it’s on your terms with these stylish Click Cube Clocks. Just click your fingers or gently tap your bedside table and the time will appear. No longer does your room have to be illuminated by a constant blinking digital glow, nor do you have to fumble to find your smartphone in the darkness.

Made from sturdy ABS plastic with a fine wooden veneer, the display lingers for just the right amount of time and it also shows the datetime andambient temperature. It’s got all your regular alarm and snooze features and because it’s battery powered, you can place it anywhere you like/stuff it straight in a drawer when it wakes you.

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