It’s the 21st century and we all like to indulge in long leisurely phone calls, take reckless selfies and generally Tweet and Instagram the night away. One day our smartphone batteries will be able to accommodate these vital pursuits; but until they do, you need to keep your devices conscious with the Clutch Boost Purse

This stylish and powerful fashion accessory is made from high-quality PU leather and houses a handy, detachable battery-pack – a reliable 2600mAh Samsung lithium-ion battery pack, with a brushed-aluminium finish no less. 

It comes with both micro-USB and Lightning cable adaptors so you can fully juice up just about any new Android or Apple device. Most important of all, it’s incredibly roomy inside, with a spacious zip pocket so it’ll hold your phone, keys, deodorant and other precious lint. 

At last, you can keep your devices charged without compromising on style.

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