Corkcicle One

Corkcicle One

Dribbly ice buckets and unsightly cooling sleeves are yesterday’s news. Now you can enjoy a classy glacial glass of shivering Chardonnay without all the fuss.

Fashioned from sleek stainless steel and sculpted in the form of an imposing stalactite, the Corkcicle One slips easily into any regular wine bottle and chills it to absolute perfection. With an integrated cap and easy-pour spout, your tipples are kept super fresh and spillages and drips are now a thing of the past.

Your heady and fragrant libations deserve to be savoured and appreciated to their fullest, and the Corkcicle’s state-of-the-art aerator instantly enhances the aromatic profile of your favourite vino as you pour. But best of all it comes in its very own extravagant ‘Fortress of Solitude’ glass freezer case to set it poles apart from other second-fiddle wine coolers.

Arguably your wine has never looked or tasted better – it’s guaranteed to make quaffing wine snobs sip away in silent envy.

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