Taxidermy. A highly disciplined art-form often associated with the upper echelons of society. Distinguished moose busts on walls, imposing white tiger rugs, an otter sat in an armchair smoking a pipe – that sort of thing. 

Based upon the original and immensely popular blog, Crap Taxidermy tears up the rulebook and celebrates the horrifying and hilarious side to this strange art. The anatomically-challenged specimens contained within range from peculiar hobbyist creations, to seriously unworthy museum exhibits. 

Sometimes it’s just a subtle discrepancy that makes these creatures look completely insane, other times you really have to question the budding taxidermist’s methods and intentions. Receding gums and bulbous eyes,misshapen limbs and manic grins…a fully inflated horse. 

It’s got animals, it’s got laughter, it’s got madness, it’s got sadness – it’s probably the best book in the world.

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