Devialet 500 Sound System

Devialet 500 Sound System

The most critically acclaimed audio system in history

The Renaissance of Sound

Each Devialet product is a true technological gem, boasting no less than five major patents.  There’s no argument:  Devialet has reinvented high fidelity.

Through a combination of avant-garde technologies and optimal architecture, Devialet delivers the greatest musical experience in the history of audio.

Within the acronym ADH® (Analog Digital Hybrid) is found the beating heart of Devialet’s revolutionary amplification technology.  By blending a Class-A analog amplifier purporting excellent musicality with Class-D digital amplifier renowned for their power and compact size, we now offer you the best of both worlds.  An industry first, only from Devialet.

This unique hybridization produces analog amplification teeming with finesse and details, while at the same time eliminating the size and weight constraints of traditional, high-heat dissipation Class-A amplifier. What’s more, the class-D digital amplifiers’ superb power efficiency imbues the sound with breathtaking flexibility and dynamism.

ADH® is truly a technical tour de force, rendered possible by the enslavement principle: the ultra-linear Class-A amplificator relies directly on the speaker connectors and controls the output voltage of the hybrid core assembly.  Its own voltage supply is measured digitally in order to control the Class-D amplifier, which in turn deliver much of the output current of the hybrid core allowing to control the speakers to perfection.

This technology is the result of seven years of R&D, punctuated by numerous technical challenges and five major patents.

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