F bunk bed

F bunk bed

Family must-have
The F Bunk bed by RAFA Kids is a modern, stylish and practical bunk bed for children which has been designed to encourage play and creativity.
More than just a place to sleep, the F Bunk bed has numerous clever features to encourage children to play around it and make the most of this wonderful, practical piece of design:
– The two ladders on either side of the bed provide a great deal of freedom when positioning the bed in a room while offering a great access for two kids at the same time.- The bed base has round holes to enable proper ventilation but are also fun for the children to look at from underneath.- Versatile, the large space under the bunk can be used for storage or as a play area.- Last but not least, stability is enhanced by the wall underneath the bed that doubles as a display for your child’s artwork.


Clever & versatile, the R Toddler bed and F Bunk bed make the perfect play bed combination if you have two children sharing a single room, especially if your eldest need a full size bed and the younger on just outgrown his crib.

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