Flatulence Underwear

Flatulence Underwear

Some people say that flatulence should be seen and not heard. These people are clearly very confused and probably already wrestling with their own horrendous southerly vapours. Farts should be heard and not smelt, and arguably not even heard.

Flatulence Underwear allows you to finally trump with confidence, safe in the knowledge that those unwanted trouser fumes won’t sting the nostrils of anyone nearby. These ordinary looking undergarments contain a highly porous carbon back-panel, so the next time there’s a roar from the rump, the odorous vapours become trapped and neutralised by the cloth.

Harnessing the same technology found in chemical warfare suits, these powerful pants are capable of stopping smells 200 times stronger than the average fart. If they’re good enough for Mustard Gas then they can easily handle your full-bodied and intriguing stenches.

Everyone knows someone with obnoxious wind habits – a bona fide bench-warmer, a fragrant and shameless one-man jazz band. Or perhaps you are the one guilty of blowing the old bum bugle a little too frequently? Whoever it is, they can pull on these gas-trapping pantaloons and trump away to their (f)heart’s content.

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