Foodie Dice

Foodie Dice

You’ve been shopping. Your cupboards are brimming with spices, your fridge loaded with the finest meats, the very freshest veg and your pots and pans are now staring back at you, just waiting to be used. Now what? Even the most straight-forward recipes often feel restrictive and intimidating, but with the Foodie Dice in your hand cooking is now a exciting and playful game.

Housed in a jar made from an upcycled wine bottle, this cheerful kitchen essential contains nine laser engraved dice – 5 primary dice and 4 seasonal veggie dice that provide inspiration for creating simple, seasonal meals. Protein, Cooking method, Grain/Carb, Herb, Bonus ingredient + Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Veggies

The dice feature a wide range of ingredients — some are more common and others are meant to tug at your more adventurous tendencies. With 186,000 possible recipes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many rolls reveal a combo that you’d never thought to pair, but that actually make perfect sense. Here’s a peek at some of the potential selections you could roll:

Lamb, Braise, Rice, Thyme, Garlic + Asparagus
Fish, Sauté, Potato, Dill, Lemon + Broccoli
Pork, Pan Fry, Pasta, Basil, Onions + Bell Peppers

Not sure about a particular ingredient or cooking method? Simply roll again or just get stuck in and embrace the unknown. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, just roll, shop, cook and eat!

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