• Don’t let your lunch box mangle your meal!
  • Elasticated silicone skin keeps the shape of whatever is inside
  • Preserve the pristine construction of your heavenly sandwiches
  • Packs down nice and flat when empty
  • Keeps your food zip-lock fresh, no need for foil or cling film

Unless you’re preparing an indulgent banquet each morning, complete with salt and pepper mills and a plethora of other exotic condiments, you really don’t need a big bulky lunch box.

Most of us are content with just a humble sandwich or baguette, so why do we let it rattle around in oversized tupperware? You may as well stick it in the washing machine. It’s lunchtime suicide. Apparently the only alternative is wrapping it up in cling film and stuffing it in your bag, only to find that it’s miraculously turned itself into an unsavoury bread ball.

Thankfully the FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox is here to change the lunch-time landscape forever.

This incredible slimline container has a highly elasticated silicone skin that hugs and maintains the shape of whatever is inside, so your beloved baguette will remain absolutely immaculate until you’re ready to devour it. Not only this but it also keeps your food zip-lock fresh so there won’t be mayonnaise leaking everywhere and you can kiss goodbye to roll after roll of earth-hating tin foil and cling film.

It takes up as little space as possible as it is, but when you’ve finished your lunch it packs down nice and flat ready to slide effortlessly back into your bag. Perfect.

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