Framed Favourite Song Picture

Framed Favourite Song Picture

Does he or she have a favourite song? They can keep the memories of the lyrics forever with this personalised gift.

We will print your required lyrics and your personal message onto numerous sheets of white paper and put them together as a little book. The pages of the book are carefully spaced creating a 3D effect of an open book. The book is then attached to a paper background and set in a frame with a glass front.

Please note the size of the text depends on the length of the song. The longer your required text, the smaller letters/font will be.

Please specify the name and author of the song when you order. If your required song is unknown (we won’t be able to find it on the internet) please write a full version of the song when you order.

Note: if you would like a specific version of your chosen song (ie English/American spelling) contact us after you order via your ‘order enquiry’. If you are not sure and found a few different versions of the lyrics on the internet please contact us after you order with a correct (your preferred) version of the song. Please note otherwise we will copy lyrics of your chosen song from available source on internet.

You can chose the picture in a smaller or large size and also with a different coloured background and a choice of font.

Background colour options: white, coffee (beige), charcoal (dark grey), blue, pink.

Font options: helvetica, courier, carolyna, baskerville – please have a look carefully at the last photo for examples.

Frames come in white or black.

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