Gaivota Rocking chair

Gaivota Rocking chair

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‘Gaivota rocking chair by BODIE and FOU…a classic piece of furniture gets a sleek, contemporary make-over in the hand of designer Reno Bonzon. Ergonomically designed, this chair’s curved form is intended to make it comfortable whatever you height.’ The Independent

The most emblematic part of Reno Bonzon’s work is certainly the Gaivota rocking chair and probably the most rewarded creation in Brazil, combining at the same time aestheticism and ergonomy.

Winner of the Museum of the Brazilian House Prize and Movesp Prize winner in 1988, the Gaivota rocking chair was selected in 1990 to represent Brazil at the Biennial of Design in São Paulo.

The curved forms of both seat and back were defined by Reno Bonzon as he was siting in deep snow during a stay in the French Alps and had a look at his body print after standing up.

Keeping ergonomy in mind, Reno aimed to reproduce this comfortable form and paid special attention to both dimensions and balance, making the Gaivota rocking chair very comfortable whatever size the person may be.

The Jury of the Museum of the Brazilian House Prize particularly highlighted ‘the principle of manufacturing giving the product its great lightness’ as well as ‘the aesthetic qualities combined with the ergonomic factor’.

For the sake of the environment, Reno Bonzon chose a plywood manufacturing process in order to give value to wood trimmings – a manufacturing process which also allowed him to develop large curves, introducing movement to his creation.

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