Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair

A stunning large hammock chair suitable for indoors or out.

Our luxurious hammock chair in olive is manufactured from high-quality, pure cotton. The weft threads of the selvedge have been doubled to make it exceptionally tearproof for longevity. Your weight will be evenly distributed through the use of a generous number of suspension cords. The spreader bar is made of high-grade wood from responsibly managed forests (FSC certified).

An important characteristic of our hammock chair is the integrated safety swivel, which makes your hammock chair more stable and provides a safe turning rotation.

Our hammock chairs can be easily attached to a tree or a load bearing beam in a house, simply by using a ceiling bolt and a rope. These can be obtained separately or added in the drop down menu above. Our additional fixing solution includes a strong ceiling bolt, a caribener for installing/taking down the hammocks chairs quickly, and a 3 meter rope.

made from:
The FSC certification guarantees that the wood used in a product has been produced in compliance with the strict rules of the Forest Stewardship Council, from sowing the tree via several processing steps up to the final product.

The spreader bar is made of cultivated bamboo. Thanks to its production in high quality plate technology, it has an exceptionally robust structure and a comfortably smooth surface. Bamboo is weatherproof and can be left outside all summer without compromising its stability. Its dark colour – which is a visual highlight as well – is achieved by a special heating process called caramelisation.

Detachable cloth for cleaning. Machine washable at 30 °C gentle cycle.

Fabric surface: 115 x 160 cm

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