Hate Mail book – Signed and personalised copies

Hate Mail book – Signed and personalised copies

At book signings, I’ve found that people really enjoy getting signed copies of Hate Mail, with a personally dedicated abusive message.
So I thought why not give this option to everyone. You can now order your very own personally signed copy of Hate Mail, with a dedicated message, for you or a friend, or a loved one, or a pet, and what’s even better is that you can also request what you’d like specifically written in the book (if you want).
Books are £15 plus P&P (shipping worldwide).
Please note: This is the UK hardback edition of the book.

To order, click on the correct button below to choose the amount of books (up to 3) plus the region you’d like them posted to. Books are posted from my studio in the UK. The prices below include postage, so there are no hidden extras.

If you want a random insulting message in the book, there’s no need to add anything to your order. If you’d like a specific message, please write this into your Paypal order in the section which says ‘Add special instructions to the seller’. It may differ a bit from country to country but there should always be a bit somewhere which allows you to add extra instructions. You can ask for exact wording (up to a maximum of 20 words), or you can simply give me some facts about the recipient which I’ll work into my own abusive concoction!

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