Aptly named after the Hindu festival of colours, this smart and minimalambient light fits in with any room and performs a myriad of miraculous and colourful functions.

For starters you can instantly transform those dull blank walls into rich and vibrant lightscapes. With hundreds of millions of colour combinations at your disposal you can use the free Holi app to tailor the lighting to suit your mood. There’s a vast array of custom colour palettes as well as stunning light choreographies designed by professional light-designers.

Watch in awe as Holi brings your old photographs back to life, using your own images to create beautifully complex lighting scenes. Now you can lay back and re-live that tranquil beach holiday sunset all over again.

The time has come to convert all you stubborn night owls into eager early birds with the soothing dawn simulator. An infinitely less stressful alternative to traditional alarm clocks. Just select a time and Holi willgradually brighten over time, gently rousing you from your deep and precious slumber.

If relaxation isn’t your bag then you can effortlessly turn music into light, syncing Holi to the thumping beat of your tunes to produce mesmerisingrhythmic light shows.

It’s indisputably the most versatile mood light you can buy.

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