Huion 19*14 Inches LED Adjustable Light Tracing Pad – A3 Light Box

Huion 19*14 Inches LED Adjustable Light Tracing Pad – A3 Light Box

Dimension(LxWxH) 479mmx361mmx7mm(19inches*14inches*3inches)
Active Area 310mmx430mm(12inches*17inches)
Work Surface Acrylic Panels
Light source of LED
Working Voltage DC12V
Rated power 5W
Guide light way light panel
Scale size Yes
Net weight 2.3 KG

Adjustable Brightness

Huion LED Adjustable Light Tracing Pad – A3 Light Box comes with a touch switch, which maintains the adjustable brightness of the light board. Once its connected to the power, you can adjust the light by simply touching the switch till you satisfied(Automatically Dimming Design, Smartly Memorize the brightness of your last use).

Super Slim Light Board

With a compact and elegant light box design, Huion LED Adjustable Light Tracing Pad brings Manufacturing technology to a whole new level. It is considered to be the thinnest Light Board in the field measuring only 7.33mm of height.

Eyesight-protected Technology

Huion A3 Tracing Light Box is designed for everyone whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional. Eyesight-protected Technology is designed in it as we cannot care more about our users sensations. What’s more, Super bright LED lamps provide a perfectly even illuminated surface thats perfect for scrapbooking, calligraphy, sewing, quilting, stenciling, and more.

Use of Huion A3 LED Adjustable Light Pad

1) Professional Copy in Animation, Cartoon
2) Animation Creation Enthusiasts
3) Animation Teaching
4) Professional Tracing in Indoor, Architecture, Costume, Design and Drawing
5) As X-ray to Check Bone Film in Hospital

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