• Brew the perfect single cup of French Press coffee on-the-go
  • Three layers of insulation to keep your drinks piping hot
  • No paper filters, no electric mechanisms, no fuss
  • Kiss intolerable over-brewed sludge goodbye

Coffee addicts and connoisseurs rejoice (you know who you are). The perfect on-the-go coffee solution has arrived – the Impress Coffee Brewer.

This isn’t just your average Thermos flask either. No no, this sleek stainless steel piece of kit actually brews your caffeine-laden brain fuel.

There are no paper filters, electric mechanisms, risky balancing acts or fussy coils. Just place the grounds in the outer cup, add hot water, allow it to brew for a paltry three minutes, then push the inner cup all the way down and snap on the spill-proof lid. Simple.

Some incredibly impressive filter technology keeps the grounds from brewing any further after the coffee is pressed, allowing in only your delicious coffee flavour and nothing else. No more sludgy sediment or intolerable over-brewed bitterness.

The double-walled exterior, combined with the steel plunger create 3 walls of insulation that are certain to keep your coffee perfectly warm and your dainty hands won’t get burned whilst your clasping it.

You will never have put so little effort in to such an amazing cup of coffee. Just fill, brew, press and enjoy

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