What do you get when you cross a classic photo-printing format, with the world’s hottest photo-sharing app? Instagram Prints, of course! Well, that’s what happens when we’re involved anyway. Because thanks to your friendly neighbourhood team, you can now print all of your Instagram photosin the style of retro Polaroids.That’s right – actual printed copies of your Instagram photographs. Remember when we used to print photographs? Back in the days when they all had that 70’s hipster tinge, whether we liked it or not? Well, since thevintage look is back in, why not present your pics in a suitably vintage format as well?Choose either a set of 12 or 24 of your favourite Instagram pics and we’ll print them for you in just a few days. Each high quality print features your Instagram user name (optional), trademark white borders and space for scribbling your own label (or phone number). And speaking of notes, we’ll even throw in a FREE Sharpie pen to get your started.Just hit the Buy button! Before you know it, you’ll have a stack of your own expertly-taken snaps to swap, share and stick up around the house (or neighbourhood). Instagram Prints even make great business cards.

So the next time you’re in the pub and reminiscing about parties, holidays, or celebrations long gone, forget whipping out your mobile phone. With a pack of Instagram Prints you can spread your snaps out on the table for everyone to enjoy.

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