• Stay toasty and fiddle with your gadgets
  • Conductive material woven into the thumb and index finger
  • Enjoy skin-like responsiveness with lovely warm gloves
  • Luxurious suede trim

Attempting to use a touchscreen device when you’re wearing gloves is a bit like trying to pick your nose wearing a balaclava. Because unlike fleshy fingers, gloves don’t conduct electricity. So what’s it to be, frozen fingers or unusable gizmos?

SmarTouch Gloves are super soft, gloves with special conductive materialwoven into the thumb and index finger, so you can tap, pinch and scroll even when it’s minus whatever outside. Skin-like responsiveness? App-solutely. Staying toastie whilst fiddling with your gadgets has never been easier.

Just think, with a pair of these innocuous looking gloves you’ll be able to text in the depths of winter, scroll through photos at freezing bus stops, manipulate your satnav when the heater’s on the blink and photograph polar bears without exposing delicate fingers to the elements. Now that’s gotta be worth a hand.

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