Jamon Serrano Reserva, spanish ham on the bone, cured for 18 months with ham holder Gondola, knife,

Serrano ham of high quality dried cured for non less than 18 months, large weight and prominent fat content. Dired cured in our natural cellars, it remains for the necessary period of time to obtain the melting of the fat. Its colour or our Bodega ham has a strong scent and low salt content. We recommend: After receiving the ham, clean it easily with a towel and blot it in an air-flooded room and hang rest for at least 1-2 days before eating. Then put the ham in the holder, first with the thicker side downandstart with cutting off on the shorter side. This has the benefit that the hamin turning later has kept its delicate texture. Neither put the ham in the refrigerator nor in a cabinet set, it cannot spoil, because air-dried, but it must be in an air-flooded room. Always protect the interface with the beginning cut fat rind and cover with a towel, that the ham does not dry out. Please keep in mind that the ham is a natural product and therefore may form a layer of white mold. If this is the case, simply rub with some olive oil and let it dry, and he continues to be safe suitable for consumption. Enjoy this excellent quality product!


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