Jones Hovercraft 2014 Snowboard

Jones Hovercraft 2014 Snowboard

Jones Hovercraft 2014 Snowboard

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Hovercraft was a one trick pony. The super directional shape with that stubby tail is definitely designed to make the very most out of those epic days that we all dream about. The stiff tail and mellow-magnetraction provides the stability when snow stops falling. The Hovercraft is designed to be ridden 6-8cm shorter than your average snowboard.

Profile: Directional Rocker
Running length: 118cm
Waist width: 260mm
Sidecut radius: 9.3
Setback: 30
(Specification based on the 156cm board)

Note: Base colour combinations may vary and are supplied at random

Directional Rocker is designed to reduce the most common kinds of falls that occur when freeriding. It is a hybrid rocker/camber profile with more rocker at the nose than the tail. The increased nose rocker improves float in soft and slushy snow and reduces the chance of nose diving when landing in powder. The less rockered tail maintains power while the slight camber between the bindings increases edge hold and response.

By increasing the number of contact points along the edge Mellow Magne-traction improves edge grip. This is especially valuable when combined with a rocker profile as it combats the looser nature of the board which is a result of the raised tip and tail contact points.

The benefit of a Blunt Nose shape is the increased surface area at the front of the board without having to increase the board length. Essentially you can ride a shorter board, get the same amount of float, reduced swing weight and increased manoeuvrability.

Super light poplar stringers run tip to tail in the Classic Core. With a predictable flex, tons of pop and a buttery board feel this high-performance core delivers a snappy ride with even response.

All Jones boards feature full tip-to-tail a FSC Wood Core.

Biax is a dual direction, dual layer, stitched fibreglass laminate. Its tensile strength, reliability and snappy response provide a fun and forgiving ride.

In an effort to reduce waste, Jones alternate base graphic colours. Be aware that the colour combination on the base may differ from that shown in the picture on boards that feature the Flip Flop Base.

Sintered Bases absorb more wax and glide further.

The Wood Topsheet dampens the feel of the board and reduces chatter whilst reducing the use of plastic and lacquer.

Stronger Edges are a lot more resistant to impact damage than the typical snowboard edge – about 250% more resistant.

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