If you already like dogs (who doesn’t?), then here are ten compelling reasons why you want, nay NEED the Knit Your Own Dog Kit.

  • It won’t keep you up all night howling
  • You don’t have to take it for walks
  • Doesn’t produce horrific beefy smells
  • No mind-blowing vets bills
  • You don’t have to feed it
  • It won’t run away because its stopped loving you
  • No more relentless slobbering
  • Won’t tread mud all over your immaculate home
  • Definitely just as soft, cute and cuddly
  • It lives forever!

From yarn and needles to stuffing and pipe cleaners, these crafty canine kits contain everything you need to knit your own loyal companion. They’re just the right size, and with the supremely easy-to-follow instructions you don’t have to be an expert to get stuck in – you’ll have finished them in just a few evenings.

There are three fine breeds to choose from and each pattern is particularly detailed and versatile, so that once you’ve mastered the basics you can adapt them to suit your ideal pooch. For instance, you can change the yarn colour if you’ve got a ginger Dachshund or just add some extra stuffing if your dog is a right little fatty.

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