Kouichi Okamoto Liquid Lamp

Kouichi Okamoto Liquid Lamp

Kouichi Okamoto
Liquid Lamp

  • Made in powder-coated carbon steel
  • Available with a choice of ‘liquid’ colour finish
  • Eccentric modern Japanese design
  • Outstanding craftsmanship

The eccentric and unconventional design of the Liquid Lamp is both fun and functional. Created by experimental genius, Japanese artist Kouichi Okamoto, the Liquid Lamp perfectly captures the essence of suspended motion to jaw-dropping effect. Intelligent, thought-provoking, bold and downright wacky, this table lamp provides the epic illusion of dripping liquid oozing out of the white cone-shaped shade. Available with the choice of a glossy white or devilishly vivid red ‘liquid’ finish, Okamoto’s unique arrangement adds an artistic and surreal touch to any modern décor.

We reproduce the Liquid Lamp as close to the original specifications as possible, created in powder-coated carbon steel with a choice of ‘liquid’ colour finish.

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