Charles E. La Chaise

Charles E. La Chaise

Charles E.
La Chaise

  • Prize-winning design from 1948
  • Icon of organic shape
  • Curves ensure contoured comfort
  • Choose from many colours

The prize-winning La Chaise, created in 1948, is an icon of organic design providing an artistic centrepiece for any interior. Inspired by Gaston Lachaise’s “Floating Figure” sculpture, the impressive design was created for a competition at the New York Museum of Modern Art and more than 50 years onwards it has the same exciting appeal. The sweeping, soft lines and original form create a strong modern accent in the room. Lean back in this masterpiece of style and feel the curves mould around your body. Comfort is supreme, as the waves of the organic form are perfectly adapted to the human form.

INFURN produces the iconic piece in fibreglass, available in many colours, resting upon fine, sturdy steel wires and a wooden base.

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