LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw Go

  • Confidently drink from questionable water sources
  • Made from rugged BPA-free plastic
  • Turn murky puddles into delectably clean drinking water
  • Flip-top bite valve to prevent accidental spillages
  • A dependable camel bottle with ferocious filtration powers
  • Make Bear Grylls look like a total sucker

Getting down on your hands and knees and suckling water directly from a muddy lake through a tube isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. And whilst the original LifeStraw was, and still is a ground-breaking invention, LifeStraw Go has taken mucky water drinking on-the-go to the next level.

You can casually dunk this rugged BPA-free bottle into just about any questionable liquid source, instantly enjoy clean drinking water, then carry it around with you – the world is now your own filthy punch bowl. It might feel a little wrong at first but this ingenious device has been meticulously lab tested and filters out 99.9999% of water-borne bacteria.

With a flip-top bite valve to prevent spillages and a lanyard to attach it to your backpack, it’s functions just like a regular trustworthy camel bottle only with all the ferocious filtration powers of a LifeStraw.

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