Light Up Colour Changing Outdoor Furniture Stool Mood Cube

Light Up Colour Changing Outdoor Furniture Stool Mood Cube

Transform your outdoor space with this fun and funky colour changing garden furniture stool by Auraglow.

Eye-catching and inspiring, this illuminated contemporary garden furniture will brighten up any relaxing space and add an atmospheric extra dimension to your entertaining! Of course, it can also be used indoors.

Not only can this be used as a stool, but a side table, foot rest, or simply as a futuristic light feature!

It has comfy rounded edges and a series of clever LED’s discreetly fitted inside which are controlled by the long 30 metre range remote control.

The great thing about this furniture is that the LED lights are run by a rechargeable battery, so if you don’t want to power it from the mains you can go wireless!

The rechargeable battery inside the stool will give you a good eight hours of lighting without any trailing wires.
When it runs out of juice, just plug it back into the mains with the supplied adaptor, or it can be charged by USB.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, you can enjoy a relaxing glow or disco lightshow wherever the mood takes you.

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