Light Up LED Moonlight Cushion

Light Up LED Moonlight Cushion

What do you get when you combine soft furnishings with soft lighting? The Moonlight Cushion.

This amazing, psychedelic cushion has to be the most comfortable light source ever. Made from an ultra soft plush fur it has an internal light that illuminates the whole cushion and languidly changes between various relaxing colours.

It is powered by a battery pack that sits, tucked away, in a zip up compartment and with low energy LEDs the Moonlight Cushion is both bright and safe.

It is perfect for setting the mood at a party, when relaxing, or even as a way to reassure a restless child during the night.

To turn on and turn off the cushion all you have to do is tap it at its centre, so there is no need to access the battery pack during normal use.

The enchanting Moonlight Cushion will soon have you falling under the spell of its kaleidoscopic lunar cycle.

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