Linen duvet cover 220 x 240 cm – Nude

Linen duvet cover 220 x 240 cm – Nude

Known for its eco-friendly properties, our collection of stonewashed linen duvet covers is a must-have for those who treasure a good nights sleep and value high quality bed linens.

Available in various colours, our collection of stonewashed linen duvet covers by Linge Particulier will drape beautifully and effortlessly over your bed and will set the tone in your bedroom.

Once you have experienced the pleasure of sleeping in these soft, inviting linen sheets, nothing else will feel quite the same…It is simply pure bliss!

Our Creative Director, Karine Candice says: “You can’t beat stonewashed linen for easy care & an effortless chic look at home and the beauty with linen, is that the more you wash it, the softer it becomes”

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