Looj 330

Looj 330

Cleans Leaves, Dirt And Debris Out Of Your Gutter

The New iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot blasts away leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean. Spinning at 500 RPM, the high-velocity, four-stage auger breaks apart clogs, then lifts and throws them away from your roof as sweepers and a scraper clear the remaining debris.

  • • Two Operational Modes: Simple One-Button CLEAN Mode and Manual Mode: Use Looj 330 in either manual mode or automatic CLEAN mode. Manual mode allows you to control the robot. In CLEAN mode, just push the CLEAN button and Looj travels down your gutter on its own, sensing and adapting to debris to provide the most effective cleaning.
  • • Four-Stage Auger With Suite Of Auger Parts: The included four-stage auger is made up of the breaker, ejectors, breaker bars and sturdy polypropylene sweepers. Another set of smaller, more compact ejectors is also included.
  • • Lithium Ion Battery: This battery technology equips Looj with a strong power source, giving it the power needed to handle your gutters, including tough clogs, in no time.

Reaches Far Into Your Gutters So You Don’t Have To

Looj 330 performs a difficult and uncomfortable job for you, cleaning up to a 9 meter section of gutter in 5 minutes and up to 61 linear meters per charge. The new remote control lets you drive the robot further along the gutter than previous generations. This increased range allows Looj to clean longer stretches of gutter without moving the ladder.

  • • Increased Range With New Remote Control Handle: The detachable handle is also the remote control, giving you complete forward and reverse control of the robot as well as automatic CLEAN mode selection. You can also control the spin direction of the auger. This new wireless controller has an improved communication range of up to 15m.
  • • Low Profile Design: More compact than previous Looj models, now at just under 5cm high and 7cm wide, Looj is able to fit in more gutters, including most K-style aluminum, copper, metal or vinyl gutters.
  • • Waterproof Design*: Wet leaves are often the biggest culprit in clogged gutters. Looj was designed to operate in the wet environment of gutters. This also makes for a quick clean-up – simply spray Looj with a hose when done.

Takes A Dangerous Job And Does It For You

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