Luxury Pashmina Shawl from The Wool Co

Luxury Pashmina Shawl from The Wool Co

The Wool Company is now listing part of its beautiful range of high quality Wool and Cashmere Accessories and Soft Furnishings on Amazon. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

From the moment that we had a delivery of the samples of these pure cashmere shawls, our founder Sarah immediately ‘borrowed’  one and was amazed at how much more beautiful it was in every way from the mass of other samples that we had received from far and wide. You can read more about this elsewhere!

We can compare the quality of cashmere with our wonderful selection of the most luxurious cashmere blankets in the world, made from the very best cashmere you can buy – and these shawls are as soft as our very best Mongolian cashmere blanket.

Only the highly prized ‘downy’ soft Pashmina fleece is used. This comes from the chest and underbelly from the Capra-Hircus goat, which only thrives at very high altitudes on the Mongolian Plateau in Nepal and Tibet. The goats rely on this extremely fine, but very warm under-layer to keep them warm in sub-zero temperatures.

Buying one of these pure cashmere shawls is completely different from buying a so called ‘pashmina’ from a stall on the street or in fact pretty much anywhere. Other online marketplaces, including Amazon, Department Stores, other web sites often claim to be selling a pashmina wheras in fact there is no cashmere in the shawl at all.  This is the real thing, and once you have it on you won’t want to take it off!  Elegant as a shoulder wrap for a dressy occasion, it is also large enough for snuggling under in the evening, or using whilst travelling as an extra layer in a car, train or plane. It weighs weigh so little and if you bundle it up to stuff into your bag it  will to drop its creases very quickly too!  

Pashminas from the Wool company make a wonderfully versatile and pra

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