Magnesium Fire Starters

Magnesium Fire Starters

  • 3 flints with solid magnesium – 3” x 1”
  • 3 serrated metal strikers (can also serve as a small saw)
  • 3 extra long chains – 17.5”
  • Magnesium body – (covered in black coating to protect your clothes from stains) easy and safe to use, for outdoor use only
  • Premium quality accessories – Hand picked or produced by The Friendly Swede

3 x flints with solid magnesium
3 x serrated metal strikers
3 x 17.5” extra long chains

Instructions for use
1. Shave a small quantity of magnesium with the serrated end of the striker and make a pile of it. Keep your tinder (dry grass, leaves, paper, bark) close to the pile of magnesium.
2. Strike the flint with the striker and let the sparks fall into the pile of magnesium to start a fire.
3. Ignite tinder and add small pieces of firewood to keep the fire going. Don’t stress the fire. By adding too big pieces of firewood too early, you will suffocate the flame.


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