Mahogany bow tie

Mahogany bow tie

An exotic wood with much heritage and character. But with a consistent, and sometimes controversial, story, no matter where it ends up. We came across a pile of this wood in a fire bucket, condemned as useless and ready to become ash. Without much thought after having noticed it’s beauty and texture, with a remarkable yet subtle hint of gold shimmer across the grain, we brought it all back to the farm to give it new life and purpose. With the wood originating from the early 1800s, allow for this bow tie to become a part of your history.

Entirely hand carved from start to finish, this Classic style bow tie is one for all ages and occasions. It is in its element with black tie and very competent with a suit or smart casual. Loyal from start to finish.

Limited to 9 made-to-order bow ties, each will be individually numbered to capture the exclusivity of this series.

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