Alfieri is the future of Maserati design. A sports car that conveys the marque’s design language of the future. Like all concept cars from Modena, it has a desire to be real. It has very strong, yet subtle features. Alfieri confirms Maserati’s sporting vocation. It proves that Maserati is always Maserati.

One of the most iconic cars of all time inspired the Alfieri designers: the 1954 Maserati A6 GCS by Pininfarina, a thoroughbred racing machine and masterpiece of automotive design. But Alfieri is not a nostalgic and retrospective study. It is a manifest of Maserati styling tendencies.

Alfieri Maserati adored speed. He raced cars both as a mechanic and from the driver’s seat with great success. He was a visionary, an extrovert character but a realist at the same time. When he was only 29, his father Carlo died, and so he inherited leadership of the family. He became the dominant figure among the Maserati brothers.

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