This bionic balancing-act is a sight to behold. Never before has there been a robot with such a big personality, that enjoys so much human interaction. Perched comfortably atop a pair of dual-directional wheels, MiP freely stabilises itself and responds to your motions and gestures. 

Equipped with its own attachable tray, this revolutionary robot can carry its own bodyweight – roughly the same as a can of drink (which is pretty handy if you’re looking for a loyal butler). Within this diminutive droid lies 7 unique and exciting game modes, just rotate his left wheel to cycle through them and the light on his chest indicates which one is selected: 

  • Motion: Use your hand gestures to direct your robot, The MiP will follow
  • Tracking: The ultimate version of follow the leader, MiP chases you around like an excitable puppy
  • Dance: Upload a song from your music library to the app then prepare to witness the slickest moves known to man (or robot)
  • Roam: MiP freely explores and react to its environment. Acknowledging and avoiding obstacles, it just keeps on going
  • Tricks: Signal the MiP to sway in all directions and clap twice. Anything you can do, MiP can do better
  • Cage: MiP is trapped in a virtual cage and it’s up to you to prevent its escape by blocking all the exits
  • Game: Witness MiP in its element. It’s like ‘Robot Buckaroo.’ Stack up objects on MiP’s tray while trying to keep it upright. Play against your friends!

The fun doesn’t stop there either, pair this outstanding robot to your smartphone via Bluetooth to unlock even more impressive features with thefree MiP app. You can drive it around just by tracing a path on your smartphone and if you have a couple you can pitch them against each other in a bizarrely hypnotic sparring match or program them so that they dance in time with each other.

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