Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

  • The world’s most stylish physical activity monitor
  • Precision-crafted from aerospace grade aluminium
  • Measure your walking, running, swimming, cycling & sleep
  • Syncs wirelessly with your iPhone to track steps, calories, distance
  • Water resistant up to 50 metres!

Gone are the days of some ex-military jerk yelling in your ear as you force yourself to perform another gut-wrenching pull-up. With the Misfit Shine Activity Tracker you can now hold your fitness instructor in the palm of your hand…or stick them in your pocket, or attach them to your shoe laces, or clip them to your belt, or wrap them around your wrist.

This attentive little tablet accurately tracks your walking, running, swimming, cycling and even your sleep patterns. Steps, calories, distances, you name it – it’s measuring it. Just give it a tap to see your progress throughout the day; a circle of twelve tiny lights gently glowing to indicate how you’re getting on.

Place Shine on your iPhone screen to wirelessly sync via Bluetooth, set goals and explore a rich hive of stats, trends and insights. Unlike most fitness trackers that require a frustrating daily re-charge, the Shine takes a standard replaceable CR2032 battery that lasts you a lengthy 4 months.

An undeniably simple and timeless design, this durable disc is precision-crafted from aerospace aluminium and sports 1,560 laser-drilled holes which allow light through whilst keeping water out. Insania. The upshot of this is that the Shine is water-resistant to an impressive 50 metres and unlikely to perish if you wash it by accident.

There’s no doubt that it’s the most versatile and beautifully made fitness buddy we’ve come across, and when it costs the same (less in some cases!) as a few hours with a smug personal trainer you’d be crazy not to try one.

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