Molecule R-Evolution Cuisine Kit plus Molecular Gastronomy Book with 40 Recipes Introductory Package

Molecule R-Evolution Cuisine Kit plus Molecular Gastronomy Book with 40 Recipes Introductory Package

If, as a child, you were told not to play with your food, these culinary kits will make you think again. Budding Hestons and those who enjoyed experimenting in the school chemistry lab will love this introduction to ‘molecular gastronomy’ – that’s the marriage of science and art in food prep to you and me.

In your very own kitchen, enter a new era of cooking and have a go at some of the most popular (and fun!) techniques of high-end chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants, but without the celebrity chef price tag – each kit comprises 50 sachets that transform your food, which works out at just 89p each. Change the textures of juices, sauces, creams and dressings; make beads of food that burst in the mouth, iced ‘airs’ and other such weird yet wonderful culinary creations.

With ingredients that are safe and simple to use, these kits make great gifts for anyone who leans towards a more experimental kind of cooking, but why not treat yourself and wow friends and family, give guests a taste of the unexpected and present dinner in a brand new way! Just follow the helpful DVDs included to add a wealth of new tricks and techniques to your repertoire.

This listing also comes with the NEW Molecule-R Gastrononmy hardcover book containig 40 new stunning recipes explained and illustrated with the intelligence and aesthetic beauty that defines the MOLECULE-R brand. A complete and accessible reference work now paves the way for a democratisation of molecular gastronomy!

Impress guests with the wackier side of food. Create sauces that foam, suspensions that melt in the mouth, custard or yoghurt served in balls, pearls of balsamic vinegar, rocket spaghetti, beetroot foam… creative cuisine at your own dinner table.

Listing comprises:

1 x R-Evolution Kit
20 sachets each of additive (4 additives)
1 slotted spoon, 1 measuring spoon, 3 pipettes, 1 food-grade syringe, silicone tubes and 1 silicone mould
Instructional DVD with 50 video recipes.
168 page Hardcover Instructional Book

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