If you’re not phased by a small (roughly mouse-sized) amount of blood and gore, then why not join the fastest growing trend in London – Taxidermy!

Based on traditional techniques dating back to Victorian times, this thoughtfully put-together kit contains everything a budding taxidermist needs to transform that stone cold rodent into an exquisite ornamental mouse. From surgical gloves and long-nosed pliers, to galvanised wire and tanning solution. Naturally the kit doesn’t include a mouse but it does have an extensive list of ethical suppliers to source your rodent from.

Written from hands-on experience, the simple step-by-step guide covers each part of the taxidermy process, from skinning and preparation through tostuffing and positioning. Fully illustrated, each instruction is easy to follow and accompanied by a close-up photograph of the author at work.

In less than four hours you’ll have your very own happy little mouse and the perfect eccentric talking point for your living room. We’ll leave it up to you whether you want to dress it up in doll’s clothes and give it a tiny pipe so that it looks like Hugh Hefner.

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