Perfectly happy lazing around in the ice-cold waters of the Arctic; if there’s one creature that really knows how to keep warm it’s a Narwhal. The lovable unicorn of the sea, shrouded in enchantment and wonder… and highly dense blubber. So where better to keep your toes toasty than inside the belly of these cosy aquatic creatures. 

They may only be young calves (look at the size of those dinky little horns) but these smiley, sea-dwelling slippers possess a non-slip tummy and aluxurious plush feel

As if they weren’t snug and cosy enough as it is, they’re also blessed withinternal USB-powered foot warmers so you can really treat your feet. Whether sat at your desk in a freezing office or relaxing on the sofa with your laptop, just plug them in and enjoy a warm and blubbery plush euphoria.

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