Old Timer T-Shirt

Old Timer T-Shirt

When Tight Threads does T-Shirts, it does high quality, 11 measurement, fitted T-shirts. This is our ‘Old Timer’ photo printed T-Shirt. This image was photographed at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Thailand, capturing a lost moment in time.

Each photo printed on a Tight Threads garment has an interesting and thought provoking story behind it, designed to make the viewer question their perception.

The Story:

The story behind this image lies with the idea behind – The Local Perception Bias Article. The article talks about how when passing through foreign lands on well trekked routes, the traveller can be subject to disproportionate perceptions of locals. This derives from frequently encountering locals who have been conditioned to exploit the tourism benefits in their area, leading to a detachment from interactions with travellers. Interactions of this nature are mostly one-sided with no actual value of genuine culture or native experience being gained.

At the floating Market in Damnoen Saduak every Thai person in sight is selling something. Be it fruits, boat rides or snakes, the locals are all busy working, seeking your attention to gain a sale. That is everyone but one man. I like to blend into the shadows when I take pictures, like a ghost, floating unseen but observing and capturing scenes. I prefer to take natural pictures where the subject is unaware of any observation, thus capturing them in their purest form.

It’s only when you pause to fully take in, interpret and reflect upon a busy environment, do you see those who are doing the same. It’s like putting on glasses that suddenly make things visible. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the bustle of market, people shouting and rushing by, boats with converted car engines churning through the waters. I desensitised myself from the environment and began to observe.

I came across this old man, his gaze distant and reflective, like his focus was lost reviewing his deepest regrets in life. He was not on the same level as the others, he was beyond, his time had passed yet he was still there, living. The thing I like most about this image is that it is so calm and quiet, which is exactly how I imagined he felt at that moment, regardless of the environment he was in.

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